We all search for versatility in our VSTis, especially when it comes to beast making. There are plenty of VSTi’s that promises to deliver the best quality beat making, but when you try it out you really are disappointed. This isn’t the case for Guru our sampling drum machine tailor made to act as a beatbox.

For anyone that is going to do some live performances and they need a great drum machine, they should definitely consider Guru. Since it is a VSTi it runs on almost every controller you can throw at it, and for all those Mac users out there, you can get it for OSx 10.3 and up.

Don’t think that Guru is just your plain old drum machine; it’s more like taking the cream of the crop from hardware beatboxes, loopers and drum samplers and meshing them all up to make one unique virtual instrument. It truly gives you massive control over your beat that you can custom make to fit any genre and any style. It is also designed to run wav. samples without a problem and can hook up to almost any hardware controller you might have lying around. So without any further delay let’s see what Guru has to offer us:

  • High Quality Built in Effects (All the tools you might need to take an individual sound and make it something unique can be easily found with Guru. Compressors, EQ, Reverb, reversers, bit crushers, whatever you need)
  • Step Sequencer
  • Groove manipulation
  • Eight engines
  • 24 pattern memories
  • Easy to use Pattern editor
  • Loop Slicer
  • Easy to follow GUI
  • Groove controls
  • Pad editor
  • Scenes (This is a pretty cool feature. You can record sequences and then link them to their own scenes, so if you are doing a live performance and need to switch from one sequence to another, you can sync a midi key to a scene and it can be done as easy as pushing a button.)

Guru offers something very unique when it comes to beat splicing. The fact that you have such supreme control over every aspect of the instrument will make any producers year. The CPU dependency of this VSTi is fairly decent and doesn’t require too much. You will definitely be able to use this in live performances without having to worry about your gear crapping out on you.

Final Words:

There are several things about this mighty beatbox/drum sampler that will make any producer have a week long smile on his face. You are able to individually tweak your samples to create truly unique beats. A 128 step sequencer will not only allow you to make some of the most complex drum patterns in the history of beat making, but it will be organized ever so intelligently with the scenes option that can be directly linked to the controller of your choice. In reality this is one of those VSTi’s that every single musician, producer or just music fanatic can use in their own productions. This is definitely worth every penny and will guarantee an “umph” in your production quality. If you are looking to find the perfect tool to make your next track have all the punch that it requires, definitely check out Guru. Just download the trial version today and you’ll see what I’m talking about.