When we look at a VST synth at times all the knobs and levels can seem very scary. It is always good to start with something basic, to establish your foundations in music production before moving on to more difficult challenges. Synths can have a very scary looking GUI especially if they start layering effects and so forth.  This is why NoiseMaker made it to our list of top free VSTi Synths.

You’ll find that the NoiseMaker is a pretty nifty bass synth and you can really play around with the depth of the bass. There is a few downers when it comes to this specific synth, mainly in lack of effects. The Noisemaker does not have chorus, reverb, delay or anything like that, which is pretty lame for a synth if you come to think about it. Even if they would have placed an equalizer the synth would have gained in value but alas we don’t have it included. You could always run it through external devices if you really want to have this synth.

The reason this vst plugin made the list is due to its GUI. It is an exemplary GUI that any newcomer would enjoy. You’ll quickly learn what each knob does and how to manipulate your sound although with the Elek70 it’s almost a “what you hear is what you get”. There still is some versatility in sound manipulation.

But before we continue let’s see what the synth has to offer:

  • Available for Mac (Ok this is one aspect that is pretty awesome for all those Mac fanatics out there. I have heard time and time again of how Mac users complain due to the lack of compatible software, well not to worry…this one is for you)
  • Nice Hardware Sync (connect it to almost anything…try it)
  • Good LFO routing options
  • Some decent presets

What We Really Think:

Let’s face it, this isn’t the best synth out there but it does promise some good bass lines. Even though there are 120 factory presets they don’t use some of the newer filters brought to the VSTi. Nonetheless this VSTi is going to be updated periodically so it should get better with time.

The biggest advantage of this synth is that if you are a newbie to the entire music production world you shouldn’t have too much trouble to figure out what does what. Another upside is the fact that it is Mac Compatible. I’m sure there will be tons of people out there incredibly happy about that fact. Yet does the fact that it is compatible make up for the fact that you don’t have effects and some pretty bad filters? Well that all depends on what sound you are looking for. If you are looking for a nice fat bass to put into your next production then this synth might be the correct choice for you.

Yet for all of those producers out there that want to have a bit more control over the sound, this synth might not be the stellar choice for you. There are plenty of other synths out there that allow you to achieve the same sound as the Noisemaker, all you need to have is a bit of creativity. So bottom line; for newbies good…semi pro to pro…maybe depending on what you need.