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The Guru of Plugins

We all search for versatility in our VSTis, especially when it comes to beast making. There are plenty of VSTi’s that promises to deliver the best quality beat making, but when you try it out you really are disappointed. This isn’t the case for Guru our sampling drum machine tailor made to act as a beatbox.

For anyone that is going to do some live performances and they need a great drum machine, they should definitely consider Guru. Since it is a VSTi it runs on almost every controller you can throw at it, and for all those Mac users out there, you can get it for OSx 10.3 and up.

Don’t think that Guru is just your plain old drum machine; it’s more like taking the cream of the crop from hardware beatboxes, loopers and drum samplers and meshing them all up to make one unique virtual instrument. It truly gives you massive control over your beat that you can custom make to fit any genre and any style. It is also designed to run wav. samples without a problem and can hook up to almost any hardware controller you might have lying around. So without any further delay let’s see what Guru has to offer us:

  • High Quality Built in Effects (All the tools you might need to take an individual sound and make it something unique can be easily found with Guru. Compressors, EQ, Reverb, reversers, bit crushers, whatever you need)
  • Step Sequencer
  • Groove manipulation
  • Eight engines
  • 24 pattern memories
  • Easy to use Pattern editor
  • Loop Slicer
  • Easy to follow GUI
  • Groove controls
  • Pad editor
  • Scenes (This is a pretty cool feature. You can record sequences and then link them to their own scenes, so if you are doing a live performance and need to switch from one sequence to another, you can sync a midi key to a scene and it can be done as easy as pushing a button.)

Guru offers something very unique when it comes to beat splicing. The fact that you have such supreme control over every aspect of the instrument will make any producers year. The CPU dependency of this VSTi is fairly decent and doesn’t require too much. You will definitely be able to use this in live performances without having to worry about your gear crapping out on you.

Final Words:

There are several things about this mighty beatbox/drum sampler that will make any producer have a week long smile on his face. You are able to individually tweak your samples to create truly unique beats. A 128 step sequencer will not only allow you to make some of the most complex drum patterns in the history of beat making, but it will be organized ever so intelligently with the scenes option that can be directly linked to the controller of your choice. In reality this is one of those VSTi’s that every single musician, producer or just music fanatic can use in their own productions. This is definitely worth every penny and will guarantee an “umph” in your production quality. If you are looking to find the perfect tool to make your next track have all the punch that it requires, definitely check out Guru. Just download the trial version today and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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Oatmeal Synth

Whenever we are in the search of expanding our musical arsenal we look into what freeware there is available out there. One of the most resounding names in all Free VSTi synths is definitely Fuzzpliz Oatmeal. A lot of people actually give too little credit to this powerful synth due to its uniqueness and sound. But there is one feature that reigns supreme in this compact synth…almost like having your oatmeal for breakfast…it’s that good.

So what does this synth have to offer us?

  • Skins (You don’t have to be bored with the same old design, the initial installation will give you an ample selection of skins that will lay out the GUI a lot nicer than in its original form. There are also user designed skins that you can get your grubby little hands on)
  • 2 Oscillators (Yes you might not be impressed with the 2 oscillators, but what if I told you that you can draw your own customized waveforms? Well the truth is you can, and that makes this synth stand out from the rest because now you can custom tweak any little sound you want, to your liking)
  • Basic effects (You get all those basic effects that everyone uses including reverb, delay, chorus, distortion to name a few)
  • 5 band EQ (You can get that sound sounding exactly as you want them too with the 5 band EQ)
  • 32 voice polyphony and 16 voice chorus
  • Low CPU usage

What makes this synth stand out from the rest comes down to two things, its ability to draw waveforms and the fact that it uses low CPU. This means that you can customize your sound to fit your production needs and you will also have the ability to multi-layer the tracks to create even more unique sounds without worrying about your computer crapping out on you.

This synth is definitely one of the highest recommended free synths out there that will take your music production level to new heights. Another fact that makes this synth worthwhile is the huge preset library only trailing slightly after Synth 1. Even though a lot of people think that Synth 1 is the best freeware synth out there, this one surely comes closely in second.

Telling it Truthfully:

Many people are looking for that perfect sound and are willing to spend a lot of money on getting there. But before you go and dish out all of your money on something that “might” work you should definitely experiment with freeware synths because in many cases you can achieve the sound of synths with price tags and you won’t have to spend a single dime.

This synth is definitely something that every DJ or music producer requires in their synth library and with the ability to draw your own waveforms makes this VSTi synth almost indispensable. It doesn’t matter what your music style is, all that matters is obtaining supreme control over the sound that you place into your production. Oatmeal is good for you in real life, it’s healthy. Oatmeal in the world of synths is just like that, it’s a healthy addition to your synth library that will only help you grow in your overall music production quality.

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NoiseMaker VSTi

When we look at a VST synth at times all the knobs and levels can seem very scary. It is always good to start with something basic, to establish your foundations in music production before moving on to more difficult challenges. Synths can have a very scary looking GUI especially if they start layering effects and so forth.  This is why NoiseMaker made it to our list of top free VSTi Synths.

You’ll find that the NoiseMaker is a pretty nifty bass synth and you can really play around with the depth of the bass. There is a few downers when it comes to this specific synth, mainly in lack of effects. The Noisemaker does not have chorus, reverb, delay or anything like that, which is pretty lame for a synth if you come to think about it. Even if they would have placed an equalizer the synth would have gained in value but alas we don’t have it included. You could always run it through external devices if you really want to have this synth.

The reason this vst plugin made the list is due to its GUI. It is an exemplary GUI that any newcomer would enjoy. You’ll quickly learn what each knob does and how to manipulate your sound although with the Elek70 it’s almost a “what you hear is what you get”. There still is some versatility in sound manipulation.

But before we continue let’s see what the synth has to offer:

  • Available for Mac (Ok this is one aspect that is pretty awesome for all those Mac fanatics out there. I have heard time and time again of how Mac users complain due to the lack of compatible software, well not to worry…this one is for you)
  • Nice Hardware Sync (connect it to almost anything…try it)
  • Good LFO routing options
  • Some decent presets

What We Really Think:

Let’s face it, this isn’t the best synth out there but it does promise some good bass lines. Even though there are 120 factory presets they don’t use some of the newer filters brought to the VSTi. Nonetheless this VSTi is going to be updated periodically so it should get better with time.

The biggest advantage of this synth is that if you are a newbie to the entire music production world you shouldn’t have too much trouble to figure out what does what. Another upside is the fact that it is Mac Compatible. I’m sure there will be tons of people out there incredibly happy about that fact. Yet does the fact that it is compatible make up for the fact that you don’t have effects and some pretty bad filters? Well that all depends on what sound you are looking for. If you are looking for a nice fat bass to put into your next production then this synth might be the correct choice for you.

Yet for all of those producers out there that want to have a bit more control over the sound, this synth might not be the stellar choice for you. There are plenty of other synths out there that allow you to achieve the same sound as the Noisemaker, all you need to have is a bit of creativity. So bottom line; for newbies good…semi pro to pro…maybe depending on what you need.

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Get the Right Hardware: Soundcards

Everyone wants to tweak their hardware set up to produce the ideal sound. A soundcard is just as important to a DJ’s arsenal as headphones especially if you want to go to the next level in your music production.

A good soundcard will allow you to record more elaborate sounds at a much higher quality, especially if you need to make the most of your VST Plugins. If you want to begin to sample your own sounds instead of using those annoying sound libraries then this article is just for you. It’s time to say goodbye to the days where you were stuck using preset sounds, and it’s

Audiotrak Maya 44 USB

This neat little soundcard has 4 channel I/O and a low-latency ASIO. This USB drive will help you to plug in natural instruments and record them at studio quality. The soundcard itself costs around $200 USD which is to be expected with most 4 channeled USB cards, and more importantly the card is supported on multiple platforms, which means if you are a PC user, you won’t have to fret. Taking into consideration that soundcards can be quite costly the Maya 44 is definitely a brilliant option for anyone interesting in boosting their music production quality.

E-MU 0404 USB

No, this is not a bird; the E-MU is a sturdy and elegant looking Soundcard. It’s compatible to both PC and Mac which will be a delight for anyone using both interphases. This is also a USB powered Soundcard and will give you exceptional recording quality. If you wish to begin to sample your own voices, loops or songs this device will definitely give you value for your money. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are interested in upping your game.

M-Audio Audiophile 2469

I’m a huge fan of M-Audio and when we talk about the M-Audio Audiophile there is no exception. This is not an external soundcard, but will give you ample options to boost your live performances. It has 4 analogue I/O and 2 Midi and 2 digital I/O’s. The price of this baby is what really gets your tummy in a tickle coming down at a whopping $99 USD. Yes you might have to physically install it in your computer but that is a small price to pay for exceptional quality sound. This is a very good option for anyone interested in starting a home studio. You’ll definitely love every aspect of this device. See the Avid website:


There are plenty of options to choose from and when you come down to it and you don’t have the cash to dish out on a truly expensive Soundcard, any will do. The point is to periodically update your gear in order to achieve optimal sound.

In my very personal opinion a good break in sound card will be any of the M-Audio series that is available. Obviously when you start playing more serious gigs you’ll want to upgrade but the M-Audio soundcards will not fail you and are very friendly to most software packages.

I have found that reason and Live both handle these soundcards without any problems at all, thus making it a stellar choice for any DJ wanting to get the gear they have always dreamed of.

In the end it will come down to your budget and priorities, but hopefully this consumer reviews will aid you in your decision in your next purchase. Until then…keep on making good music!

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Download the New King of Dubstep VST Plugins

These days there appears to be the “next big thing” in Dubstep VST plugins being released every week, and many of them are actually of high quality and competency. As digital music production becomes more popular, in all genres, the demand for more simplified effects and instrument modulation is rising rapidly.

One such Plugin and Bundle pack that falls into this newage, user-friendly category is a brand new release called the “Bomdrop”.  It is possibly the most complete and expansive bundle for producing all modern genres of EDM and Hip Hop, specifically for those who love that Dubstep wobble bass sound.

It is evident that this package was designed for those wanting to produce Dubstep, however production elements of this genre are in high demand it many types of music; just listen to any commercial dance track, hip hop or Pop – Wobble bass, glitches and massive drops are being utilized.

So now thanks to the Bom Drop VSTi plugin, it has all of a sudden become extremely easy to generate those killer wobble bass lines and insane glitches, pop stabs sounds etc. The package is full of some of the coolest samples and loops that we have ever heard, for such a price.

This is the first VSTi, and Bundle for that matter, that has such a comprehensive array of sounds and samples to be generated, saving you from needing such a huge library of plugins.

The “pre-fabricated” nature of the functionality of the Bom Drop means that the time consuming automation and technical production has been removed.

Some Points of the Main VSTi:

  • Can Be Downloaded – No Shipped Packages
  • Get it on MAC as well as PC Version
  • Insane Pre-Programmed Sounds and Instruments
  • Easiest to Use Plugin for Popular Dubstep Production
  • No Need for extensive production skills


And in the Bundle You Get:


1. Bomdrop VSTi  Plugin: the primary plugin, which has made Dubstep wobble bass and stuttering glitch sounds easier than ever.

2. 1700+ Samples: If you listen to the demos on the Bomdrop website; every single one of those sounds comes as a separate. wav file download, as a bonus when you purchase the plugin.

3. Versions for Mac and PC: Some developers let you choose one version, but these guys are giving you access to all versions for all operating systems, so technically, you could run it on multiple machines. This is especially cool if you want to use a Mac computers and a PC, for example.

Any producer who is serious about their music, wants to generate income, or have some success as an artist, needs to spend at least some money on good tools. However, you need to be choosy about where that money goes. As such, price tag on the Bomdrop bundle represents enormous value.

Ok, the promo video on the developer’s website might be a little cheesy, but don’t let that turn you off; this package is exactly what they claim it to be.

It seems that there is nothing else really like this, presently on the market. This is the user-friendly plugin that delivers the big professional, popular sound that everyone is screaming for right now. Click the link to check it out the BomDrop Website here.

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